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Building an LLM application is more than just an engineering project. While your team may already be using OpenAI APIs and abstraction layers like LangChains to create apps, achieving true impact for your business demands a thoughtful and methodical approach with a strategic focus.

Creating a dedicated discipline within your organization, overseen by a Chief AI Officer, is essential. If you are serious about security, quality, and predictability in your AI project deliverables, a strategic mindset is crucial.

The profound impact of LLM technology is undeniable and here to stay. This is your chance to revolutionize your business through your AI program. Be prepared for high demand on your program resources as you navigate the continuous need to implement pivotal projects with strict time constraints amidst the rapidly evolving technology frontier.

At AIQ, we understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our AI Consulting and Transformation model guides you in crafting a successful AI roadmap for your organization. We provide strategic insights and address all critical aspects, so you can embark on a transformative AI journey with confidence.

Get ready to build a roadmap that ensures success in your AI initiatives.

Paving the Path to AI Excellence

A Bird's Eye View of Your AI Landscape



At AIQ, we believe that a well-planned AI landscape is the cornerstone of organizational transformation. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of the journey that leads to AI excellence within your organization


Gather your leaders from all corners of your organization to understand the true disruptive potential and endless opportunities presented by LLM technology. Creating awareness among your leadership is crucial for embarking on an AI-driven journey.


Embark on a deep dive into every facet of your business, exploring untapped opportunities to drive value with AI. Uncovering hidden potentials will open doors to endless possibilities.


This pivotal step is all about aligning leadership towards a single future AI vision. When your leaders embrace a shared AI-first strategy, your organization is primed for transformative growth.

Solution Identification:

Prioritize the right use cases that hold the power to impact your core business. Identifying these solutions sets the stage for focused AI implementation.

LLM Framework:

Setting up a LLM shop is a significant milestone in your AI journey. Our LLM Framework streamlines the integration of LLM-based projects, seamlessly blending previous software engineering processes with AI prowess.


Embrace the challenges brought forth by LLM technology on the operations side of software management. With AIQ’s robust and foolproof LLM Ops, you can confidently operationalize and scale your AI projects.

Accelerate Your AI Implementation:

Our powerful LLM Framework acts as a catalyst, accelerating your AI implementation journey flawlessly. Harness its potential to transform your organization into an AI-driven powerhouse.

Unlock AI Excellence with AIQ:

Your path to AI excellence starts here at AIQ. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, redefining your organization’s future through the power of AI. Experience the AIQ advantage today.

Transforming Your LLM Project

The Path to Perfection

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In the realm of AI projects, achieving flawless LLM-based solutions demands a perfected process. Your dream team deserves a strategic approach that ensures consistent outcomes without headaches down the road. It’s essential to make all the right decisions to ensure scalability, security, and meeting SLAs effortlessly.

Welcome to the AIQ LLM Framework, your key to achieving excellence. We guide you on this transformative journey, starting with a high-level discovery process to select the ideal LLM and unveil essential data insights.
Once the perfect LLM is chosen, it becomes a cornerstone of the Reference Architecture, generating the final design that leaves no room for compromises. Mapping available APIs elegantly sequences the desired end solution, setting the stage for brilliance.

Lastly, we introduce you to the enchanting LLPOpps process. This vital step ensures your solution is not just successful, but effortlessly scalable, secure, and future-ready.

Your quest for seamless LLM-based projects ends here. Embrace the AIQ LLM Framework and embark on a journey of AI excellence. Are you ready to delve deeper into each step? Let’s meet and unlock the wonders of our process together. Your AI consulting dream team awaits!

APIs as a building blocks

Leverage Your Current Team to Deploy Cutting-Edge AI Solutions


With machines now possessing human-level analytical, creative, and reasoning capabilities, the impact of this breakthrough is profound. Our world is witnessing a total disruption in conversational interactions between companies and their customers.

Assistive agents have emerged to empower employees and customers, facilitating tasks with unparalleled speed and precision. Autonomous end-to-end automation projects are becoming a reality, revolutionizing the way businesses operate.To navigate this rapidly evolving disruption seamlessly, we at AIQ have developed a set of powerful APIs that accelerate your AI development. Our APIs pave the way for quick adoption of AI solutions without the need for in-depth knowledge of LLMs.

By leveraging these APIs, you can innovate and stay relevant in an ever-evolving landscape.Our APIs abstract the functional capabilities for each solution space, serving as building blocks for future AI solutions. They bring reusability, decoupling, management, and performance to the forefront.Explore our range of transformative APIs:

Generative AGENT:

Transforms text instructions into diverse outputs, such as images, summaries, and videos.

Sentiments AGENT:

Provides the sentiment analysis of text.

Intentions AGENT:

Executes user intentions related to a conversation, streamlining information collection from users during interactions.

Input Collection AGENT:

Facilitates multiple input collections from users during conversations, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive user experience.

Generative AGENT:

Transforms text instructions into diverse outputs, such as images, summaries, and videos.

Actions AGENT:

Executes external actions based on text instructions.

Predictive AGENT:

Automatically monitors and predicts certain outcomes specified in the input text.

Prescriptive AGENT:

Generates step-by-step instruction recipes for users, aiding in the achievement of their goals.

Generative AGENT:

Transforms text instructions into diverse outputs, such as images, summaries, and videos.

Actions AGENT:

Executes external actions based on text instructions.

Insights AGENT:

Provides one-time insights about specific input data.

Adaptive Learning AGENT:

Enables fine-tuning of models autonomously for self-learning, bringing forth the concept of an autopilot interface for enterprise processes.

Unleashing the Power of LLM Solutions

Our Comprehensive Reference Architecture

Our cutting-edge AI consulting services revolve around a comprehensive reference architecture, built on three layers: The Building Block API Layer, The Orchestration Layer, and The Intelligence Layer. Together, they form the bedrock of successful LLM solution development, driving transformative outcomes for your organization.

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The Intelligence Layer, reminiscent of the database layer in the traditional 3-tier architecture, acts as a powerhouse of data and insights. It seamlessly responds to natural language inputs, delivering comprehensive and contextually relevant information.

Sitting above the Intelligence Layer, The Orchestration Layer takes charge of external system connectivity and efficiently manages long-running processes, orchestrations, workflows, and other middleware-related functions. This ensures a harmonious flow of data and interoperability across systems, promoting operational efficiency.

Are you eager to delve into each layer’s potential and witness the transformative impact it can have on your organization? Connect with us to explore these architectural wonders in greater detail. Your journey towards AI-driven excellence begins here at AIQ.

Let’s revolutionize your organization together!

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